Frequently Asked Questions

For your first capoeira class, here are some must knows…

  1. What ages do you teach?  – Beginner’s classes are appropriate for anyone new to Capoeira ages 12 years – adult.  Children ages 5-12 years and new to capoeira are welcome in any of our children’s classes.
  2. Where? – See our schedule for locations
  3. When? – See our full schedule here .  You are free to start capoeira at any time, there are no “sessions”  so you can start at the beginning, middle, or end of the month.
  4. What to wear? – Comfortable athletic clothing (ie t-shirt and sweat pants)
  5. Cost? – Drop in fees are $15/class.  (for full fee schedule, click here)
  6. How do I pay? – You can pay at your first class by cash or cheque.  Or you can pay online (click here) .  Please bring your receipt as proof of payment
  7. How to Register – You can register at your first class, just arrive a few minutes early to fill out the registration forms.
  8. Be ready to sweat and have a great time!!