Contramestre Reni

Our Contramestre and instructor of Capoeira and all things Brazil is Reni Lima Ferreira.  Contramestre Reni learned capoeira in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil with Mestre Bamba, the current Mestre of Associaçäo de Capoeira Mestre Bimba, the first and oldest capoeira academy.

Contramestre Reni started training Capoeira when he was 5 years old, and has dedicated his life since then to keeping the roots of Capoeira  strong in Brazil, and Edmonton. He has been teaching Capoeira in Edmonton since 2001, bringing Brazil’s energetic and expressive culture to life.

Contramestre Reni is also an experienced musician, offering classes and performances of traditional Brazilian percussion, drumming and folkloric music.  Along with his musical talents, contramestre Reni also teaches Brazil’s traditional dances, such as Maculele.