Adult and Youth Capoeira

Beginner’s Capoeira

No other experience is necessary – anyone can do Capoeira. Classes mix individual and group exercises to accommodate each participant’s stage of progress. First-timers and beginners are always welcome to drop in and join any of the Beginners classes.  For ages 13 and up.

Training focuses on fundamentals, but there are always different situations, new combinations, and additions, so classes are never boring! Capoeira’s continuous movement makes for a demanding workout; no matter their level of physical fitness, participants will soon see improvements in agility, balance, flexibility, strength, reaction times, and endurance.

Intermediate – Advanced Capoeira

Capoeira for those with some experience.  Instruction focusses on building the basic movements into more complex sequences and situations, and learning more advanced movements.

Beginners, please speak with Professor Reni to see if you are ready to join the Intermediate/Advanced Capoeira Class.